Operational Intelligence: Reporting and Analysis

Industrial Information Management (IIM)

Data… it can be the bane of your life, or your most valuable tool, unlocking insight into your organisation and its operational efficiency.

With huge amounts of data being generated on a daily basis by people, processes and devices, it is now more important than ever to be able to collect, store and analyse it, to drive informed business decision making and drive continuous improvements across your plant.

Empower your decisions with data

  • Prevent business disruption or operational downtime by identifying key trends
  • Archive critical historical data for analysis and reference
  • Remove geographic barriers by aligning all your processes and KPIs
  • Manage avoidable downtime and optimise multi-plant operations with data analytics

What we’ve created here is a smarter Carson City. One with a complete solution that involves Wonderware System Platform running the Wonderware mobile reporting apllication with Smartglance on virtual machines. The Solution provides our team with communications over wireless platforms that include both standard and mobile monitoring and control

James Jacklett

Electrical/Signal Supervisor, Carson City Public Works

Unlock the value of your Industrial Information

The Wonderware Industrial Information Management portfolio enables you to bridge the IT/OT gap, by giving you actionable insight into your historic and real-time data.

The ability to manipulate this information into easy to analyse formats, and share across your organisation, means that you can:

  • Troubleshoot where, and why, problems are likely to occur
  • Identify operational trends
  • Track downtime – View the status of any device, at any time
  • Reduce IT burden with SaaS services – Limit your costs, not your potential
  • Get a single view of multiple site’s operational data
  • Integrate external apps, such as weather reports – Determine whether external factors impact on process efficiency


Learn more about how Wonderware Information Management can help your business by downloading our Data Sheet or contacting us.


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